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Every design process is unique and is tailored to an individual project. This generic step-by-step guide to the design process is therefore indicative only. The number of steps varies depending on the complexity of the project and whether you’re building a new home, renovating or simply making a few small home improvements.

Step 1: Preliminary research

First, we evaluate the space and define your needs. To do this, we:

  • examine your home or work space and lifestyle
  • develop and agree on a design brief
  • agree on a baseline budget.

Step 2: Our design team

Choosing the right designer is arguably the most important step in designing or renovating your new home or work space.

We team up with award-winning, highly skilled architects and engineers. Our team will ensure that we turn your vision into a reality within the budget and the agreed timeframe.

Step 3: Site analysis

We visit your site with our design team. This allows all parties to take into consideration the following crucial but seldom considered design requirements:

  • climate-responsive design aspects and site-specific variables
  • orientation
  • cool breeze access
  • solar access.

Step 4: Brief development, fee proposal and design contract

We are transparent with our fees, giving you our charges up-front – no surprises! Before we move on to a new stage, we supply you with a brief and contract that outlines all associated fees for our design services.

Step 5: Concept designs

We know that not all our clients share the same vision or requirements. Our designers often prepare several concept designs to communicate their thinking and allow you to assess them against their brief. You’ll have several opportunities to customise or tweak the design to suit your requirements.

Step 6: Design development

Through discussion with our designers, you choose the concept design that best suits your needs. The designer then develops the concept into a preliminary layout. More than one concept can be developed in this way, though each additional concept developed may increase design fees.

Step 7: Final design

Once you’re completely satisfied with the concept design, we create a final design. This design and all associated documents will be generated in preparation for submission to Council or private certifier for approval.

Step 8: Council approval: Planning and/or construction certification

Once the final documents are submitted to Council or private certifier, we keep a close eye on the progress of your application, adjusting it to satisfy additional requirements set out by Council.

Step 9: Design detailing

We finalise and document the design and construction details. These documents typically include:

  • working drawings (detailing how the design is to be built)
  • specification of all materials, standards, finishes and products to be used
  • complying with the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) scheme used in NSW.

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